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Maintaining a White Smile

A dull smile may not affect the function of your teeth, but it can certainly make you feel self-conscious. Fortunately, you can maintain your bright smile by following a few of these tips and visiting your Perry Hall, MD, family dentists, Drs. Emma Galvan and Karl Meek.

Identify stain culprits

Pigments from darkly pigmented foods seep into your tooth enamel and cause stains. These foods and beverages include tea, coffee, red wine, cola, dark berries, sports drinks, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, candy, and ice pops.

Limiting your consumption of these foods and beverages can help your teeth stay whiter.

Don't smoke

Tobacco products give teeth an unattractive yellow tinge. Giving up smoking isn't easy, but it will definitely help you avoid new stains.

Carry a straw with you

Drinking coffee, tea, soda, and sports drinks through a straw offers an effective way to decrease tooth stains. When you drink through a straw, a large percentage of stain-causing pigments bypass the front surfaces of your teeth.

Brush after meals

Brushing your teeth as soon as you finish a meal won't prevent stains completely, but it may wash away some of the pigments before they can dull your smile.

Stay away from acidic foods

Foods that contain acids wear away your tooth enamel, exposing the yellow dentin layer underneath. Acids are found in citrus foods, tomatoes, lemonade, sour candies, and other foods and beverages. When you do consume acidic foods, rinse your mouth as soon as you finish eating or drinking. (Don't brush for at least 30 minutes, as brushing too soon can spread acids.)

See your family dentist

Paying a visit to the Perry Hall dental office can be helpful if you're not happy with your stained smile. Depending on your goals and budget, you may benefit from teeth whitening or dental veneers. Whitening bleaches away stains in your tooth enamel and keeps your teeth whiter for several years.

Veneers are tooth-shaped porcelain or plastic shells attached to the fronts of your teeth with dental cement. The restorations are available in many shades of white and usually last 15 years or longer.

Is your smile as bright as it could be? Call your family dentists in Perry Hall, MD, Drs. Galvan and Meek, at (410) 256-4720 to schedule an appointment.

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