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The Benefits of Family Dentistry

Find out why turning to a family dentist may be the best choice for your oral health.

Life gets hectic; however, it’s important that it’s never so hectic that you can’t visit the dentist for routine checkups. Of course, our Perry Hall, MD, family dentists Dr. Emma Galvan and Dr. Karl Meek know how important it is for families to get the care they need without it impacting their busy schedule. Here are the benefits of turning to a family dentist for all of your dental needs.

Comprehensive Preventive Care

As your dentist, there is nothing more important than preventing cavities, gum disease and other dental problems from happening in the first place. So when you have a dentist that you can turn for regular care, it makes getting these preventive checkups and cleanings even easier. When you visit our Perry Hall, MD, dentists every six months we work with your schedule to ensure that every member of your family gets the dental checkups they need every six months.

All Dental Care in One Place

Don’t you love it when you only have to go to one grocery store to get everything you need? Well, here at Perry Hall Dental Care we also believe that everyone should be able to get all the dental care they need in one place. No matter your age, medical history or dental issues, our family dentists can provide you with thorough and individualized dental care for the whole family. Now you no longer have to run your child to one dentist’s office while you and your partner head to a different one.

Keep Track of Your Health

When you have a family dentist that you trust, you are more likely to see the dentist more often and therefore be able to keep tabs on your oral and general health. After all, your teeth and gums also tell us a lot about our health and some health problems may even be detected through changes in your teeth and gums. We also understand that genetics can play a role in your health, so by understanding your medical and family history we can provide you with what you need to prevent certain dental problems from happening o you.

Are you looking for a family dentist in Perry Hall, MD, who will provide your growing family with the reliable, trustworthy dental care you deserve? If so, call Perry Hall Dental Care today at (410) 256-4720 to schedule appointments for the whole family.

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